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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kini and Steven, and your prayers

This picture touches my heart. The small girl is Kini, a sponsored child from Bangladesh and the taller boy is Steven, a sponsored child from Rwanda. They are both in a hospital in Chennai, India for special heart surgery. Both Bangladesh and Rwanda doctors wrote them off as dying very soon. But Compassion believes in the strength of our Lord, Jesus Christ and doesn't take dying as an option.

In fact, I didn't know what to do with Kini- we were all so sad- everything pointed to "no hope." However, my colleague and boss, Mathew George said, "Don't give up keep trying to save her life. One child is precious to God, Compassion and Us." I agreed with him full heartily.

We sent a video of the inside of her heart to Australia and India to see what other doctors would recommend. The Indian doctor said there was a 50-50 chance but we should try it.

So, Kini had open heart surgery on the left side of her heart last week. So far it looks like it is successful. In two weeks she will have open heart surgery for the right side of her heart. Both of these surgeries are to improve her quality of life not to save her. In two years, she will return, God willing, to India for the final surgery. Her heart and lungs have problems dissolving the oxygen in the blood.

Please continue to pray for these precious children. Thank you.


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