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Monday, May 17, 2010

Haiti Update May 2010

Also, here is a summary of the latest of our disaster response.
• The Haitian government has reopened schools and extended the school term by three months through August. About 800 of the city’s 5,000 schools have reopened.
• All of the affected ICP’s have resumed project activities, meeting under tarps or tin roofs. School attendance is at about 70% because many children have moved outside of Port-au-Prince.
• All 38 of the significantly affected projects are meeting three times a week and so far, 21 of them are serving hot meals to the children.
• To date, Compassion has distributed 30,037 food kits to all affected projects. 1,000 additional food kits are stored in the warehouse to give to children who are still missing.
• All families from the 38 significantly affected projects have received vouchers for shelter materials and so far, 1,882 tarps have been distributed to 13 projects.
• Mobile clinics conducted by 4 local medical teams are visiting all affected projects to provide health care to registered children, siblings and parents.
• Additionally, medical supplies were provided to 12 projects and 3 hospitals in the affected areas.
• Trauma counseling was conducted for Compassion staff by trained psychologists.

Please continue to keep the country of Haiti in your prayers. Prayer requests from Haiti:
1. Pray for our protection while working under a concrete slab roof.
2. Pray for self-control and peace of mind for our staff here and our children at school during aftershocks (our hope is that there are no more aftershocks.)
3. Pray that we can reach our full capacity (more productive) in a time where the impoverished children need us the most.
4. Pray for our effective role to play, as Compassion, in the rebuilding of the nation.
5. Pray for the protection of people in tent cities in a hot sun (afternoon) and heavy rains (at night), a big challenge for school pupils, babies, pregnant women, injured people...


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