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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Four Days of Non-Stop Rain

20 – 23 September we had four days of non-stop rain! Life across Bangladesh was severely disrupted for the fourth consecutive day yesterday due to incessant rain brought on by a low-pressure system over Bangladesh. Heavy rain (we don’t have a rain gauge so I’m not sure how many inches but there is a lake around our apartment building), tidal surge, tornadoes and high winds have wreck havoc across the country.

More than 1,000 fishermen are missing in the Bay of Bengal. Even after four days since the violent storm lashed the coastal belt, the government has yet to undertake a comprehensive rescue missions for the missing fishermen. Relatives of the missing ones are still waiting on the beaches for their dear ones in different coastal areas.

We took a walk in the rain but other than that, we stayed indoors for the weekend. We watched two movies “Hercules” and the new “Pink Panther” movie; and played “Pictionary” the hot game of the house this month.

Just for the record: I estimate 15" so far in four days.


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