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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bangladesh’s Floods

We have seven projects affected by the flooding and we are responding with emergency aid- food and most important water purifying tablets and oral rehydration solution for the kids and family members with diarrhea. So far we have spent $20,000 on these projects.

Here is a note from our office to Compassion International:

As you know we are passing through a crucial time. Flood is a serious issue now. In recent years the frequency of abnormal floods in Bangladesh has increased substantially, causing serious damage to lives and property. It is now like an epidemic for Bangladesh as the people do not have the capacity to manage this disaster. Almost every year around August and September the Flood snatches many lives from Bangladesh. Official statistics say the floodwaters affected more than 4.5 million people in 38 districts out of the country's 64 districts. Some 250,000 houses were either completely or partially damaged while crops on over 140,0000 lakh acres of land were damaged. Besides, over 1800 educational institutions and about 12000 kilometers of roads have been damaged too. The projects are affected is as bellow:

Project Name # Children How much affected

Chalksingh Project (BD 301): 176 176 houses are under water

Talbari Project (BD 303): 172 126 houses are under water

Roghunandanpur Project (BD 318): 150 98 Children’s houses are under water

Roghunathpur Project (BD 319): 100 25% houses under water

Kuadanga Project (BD 309): 186 25% houses under water

Gonali Project (BD 307): 198 30 houses- washed away/damaged

Satarkul Project (BD 101): 158 40% houses are under water1140

Some children of the mentioned projects cannot come to the program regularly due to flood. Some houses are completely washed away (mentioned above). Some are staying in the disaster shelter center. The children’s parents cannot go to their regular work due to severe flood, they become jobless. Some children are suffering from the water borne disease like diarrhea. Diarrhea is becoming an epidemic in the flood-affected areas. Most children cannot attend the project regularly. Many children’s parents are now jobless, cannot go to their work due to the severe flood. In this situation they are suffering from lack of food, safe drinking water, especially the children are suffering from Diarrhea.


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