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Monday, October 09, 2006

Update on Compassion Bangladesh

Bangladesh Compassion has 6,888 precious children in 51 projects in 19 districts with 17 Denominations throughout the country. One-third of our children are Muslims, One-third Hindu and One-Third Newly Christians.

Praise the Lord!

Never a dull moment in Bangladesh. Our family Toyota van (about worthless but it does get us around Dhaka) ran out of gas near our boys’ school. The driver from the office went to put gas into it this morning. He put 5 liters of gas in it then started to get in but the apartment building it was parked in from of wouldn’t let him move it they said he was stealing it. So he came to get me and by the time he went back they had called the police and the car was impounded! So I just took a rickshaw ride over to the police station to get it back but the right officer was not there. However, they had his cell phone number. He was at an Iftar (break the fast) party and would return to the police station at around 6:30 p.m.

So I returned to the office to do some work and will return to the police station in a little bit. Never a dull moment. I will let you know what happens!

For your information: why our van was parked in the bottom floor of where our office is somebody broke in and stole the stereo system including nice speakers from the USA. This all happen with security guards present, somehow!?! (We pay for the security guards with the rest of the tenants). They (security guards) claim it happen when the van was away from the office but I was away in Hong Kong for a week and the van didn’t move from the spot. Now, while my van is parked on a public street in a legal spot some apartment owner protects it from my own office driver. Go Figure!


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