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Saturday, September 15, 2007


First, let me say, there is much worst then being sick. However, the Stout Family has been hit hard this week.

As Uncle Jim would say its Sick-o-ville at the Stout household.

CJ- bad cold that turned into a bad cough with whizzing.

Chad- High temperature for three days seems normal now but worrying about Dengue. He seems extra tired these days. Chad’s teacher is suffering from Dengue.

Chase- Came home from playing today with a splitting headache, not sure what is up there.

Charles- Three days of high fever, reaching 104.3. Looking a lot like Dengue. Dengue is a lot like Malaria but not as bad. It is caused by a virus that is spread by mosquitoes. No medicine cures it, but the illness goes away by itself in a few weeks. After three days of fever, a rash spreads to arms, legs, and finally the body.

Kevin (Daddy)- It has been a rough week for me. I have been diagnose with Hepatitis-A. I been very weak, vomiting, yellow eyes, Coca-Cola urine, headaches, and stomach pain. Hepatitis is a virus infection that harms the liver. A person is often very sick for 2 weeks (one week so far for me) and weak for 1 to 3 months. No medicine cures it- just rest and lots of liquids. You can eat nothing fatty. Which is everything except fruits and plain rice.

Nita (Mommy)- Let be real, with all of us sick above she can not afford to be sick. She is keeping us all well nursed.

With the floods in Bangladesh lots of people are sick around the country. We are not complaining but would appreciate your prayers. Thank you!

However, work goes on. I’m leaving Saturday night (tonight) for Colorado. I’m going to an orientation for my new position. I fly Dragon Air from Dhaka to Hong Kong they United Airlines to San Fran to Denver and rent a car to drive down to Colorado Springs. I will be in Colorado a week, then I fly back to Hong Kong for regional meetings. I return to Dhaka on 27 September.


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