Bangladesh Adventures

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on Soccer:

At the Sir John Wilson School Tournament Grace under 15 boys went 0-1-2. Charles and Chase were both depressed and thought Grace would never win a game. I had to give them a fatherly pep talk and give them some gum (was it gum or a life saver in the old ads?). Anyhow, what a difference a week makes. On Friday, 15 Feb Grace Under 14 boys were invited to the American School tournament. Grace went 4-0-0 and won the tournament. They won their first game 2-0 with Chase scoring both goals, their second game was 2-1, and their third 1-0. That put them in the championship from their pool, which they won 1-0 with Charles doing extra work on defense for a boy on the American’s school who is from Scotland- Scotty is his name. Ggo figure- Scotty from Scotland. Of course as the proud father-, I could tell Charles and Chase I told you so!