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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Too Much Travel

If your counting my travel: August 07- return from USA; Sept 07- work shop in Colorado and Hong Kong; Oct 07- India for offices visits and Pennsylvania for Elliot’s (nephew) wedding; Nov 07- China for spiritual retreat and Thailand for conference on Children at Risk; Dec- Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand working with my counterparts in the field offices; Jan 08- Colorado for training and then Hong Kong to give the training. Now to the future, please pray for: Feb 08 two field offices in India- Kolkata and Chennia; March 08- family holidays in Nepal to hike/climb to 13,600 feet in the Annapurna Sanctuary outside of Pokarra; April 08- give grantsmanship training in Indonesia; May 08 to Africa for a CIV workshop; June 08 to Malaysia for my courses in Holistic Child Development (I’m still working on my master’s degree in HCD); July 08 back to the USA to see Mom and family.

Please keep Nita, the boys and me in your prayers. I travel too much!


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