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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Teachers Needed for Grace International School

Currently available positions (for August 2008)

Grace International School- this is where Charles, Chase, Chad and CJ go to school with around 180 other students from around the world.

Teachers are drawn from a variety of countries and are encouraged to use the skills developed in their own educational systems to adapt the material available (primarily from the UK) to our needs. Being a small school we ask our teachers to be flexible in the areas they teach as we seek to cover all areas. Many of our teachers will be either continuing with their existing contracts or renewing for next year but some are moving on. We are currently looking to recruit in the following areas:

Curriculum Coordinators

We need experienced teachers, preferably with a working knowledge of the English National Curriculum, to assist the management in coordinating the curriculum throughout the school. Two positions are becoming vacant – one at Primary (Key Stage 1/2) and the other at secondary (Key Stage 3/4). The coordinators would also need to take a substantial teaching role but there will be ‘management time’ available.

Primary Class Teacher

We are looking for one (possibly two) Primary teachers to take classes at Key Stage 2 level. The class teacher would be expected to teach a full range of subjects at this level although there may be some support available in specialist areas such as Music or ICT.


We would like to recruit at least one teacher able to teach one or more of these subjects to work alongside two other teachers in this area at Key Stage 3/4. A Biology specialist with some Maths would be our preferred choice. ICT and Maths is taught throughout KS3 and 4. Currently students at KS4 study three separate sciences while at KS3 Science is taught in an integrated way.

History Teacher

We would like to recruit a teacher to deliver the IGCSE History curriculum and take some classes in lower down the secondary section.


While this would not constitute a full-time position in itself, an ability to teach lessons in this area would be helpful in any of the above. Equally a Sports specialist who has the ability to help out teaching in other areas would be considered. Plus, we need coaches!

GIS is a growing Christian School teaching a British-based curriculum to expatriate children (3 to 16 years) from 30 countries. We have recently expanded to offer IGCSE courses.

We invite applications from qualified and enthusiastic teachers looking for opportunities in Christian service.

The school offers:

· Well-motivated children

· Living allowance and accommodation

· Annual return flight

· Free schooling for children

Further details from the Principal.


Grace International School’s History

In 1975, several of the missionary organisations in Dhaka pooled resources and opened the “Christian Primary Education Centre” (CPEC). The school provided an alternative to the other options in Dhaka which were either considered too expensive or not appropriate to the needs of the expatriate community.

Over the years, the face of missions has changed and some of the founding organisations no longer operate in Bangladesh. In July 1995 in the face of Government restrictions on visas, the school took out it’s own registration with the Government of Bangladesh as a division of a company. This allows the school to operate independently and also to obtain work permission and legal visas for its employees. At this time the name “Grace” was chosen for the school.

The school is principally for the children of Christian families, but also accepts other children providing the parents are happy for the children to be exposed to the Christian teaching of the school.

During the summer of 1997, Grace International School moved to the “diplomatic zone” of the city. This move made the school more easily accessible to many sectors of the expatriate community. Increasing numbers required that the school become a “split site” from August 2000 and a second building was rented to accommodate a First School – children aged 3 to 7 years. During the last year (2006-7) we have moved the 3 and 4 year-olds to a separate, third site and moved 8 and 9 year-olds to the First School. This has created more space in the Upper School site where we are expanding to deliver a full IGCSE curriculum to Years 10 and 11.

Who are the Children we Teach?

As per the approval granted for the school by the Government of Bangladesh, to be considered for entry into the school the child must hold or be included in a foreign passport and also have a parent with a foreign passport. The school is particularly for children of expatriate employees of companies in Bangladesh under the Government of Bangladesh Foreign Investment Programme and for the children of expatriate Christians, that is those who subscribe to the Grace statement of faith. All parents must agree to their children taking part in the full curriculum of the school, including assemblies and Christian teaching.

In order to promote a Christian environment Grace International School is committed to ensure that Board members, Principal and teachers accept and uphold the Grace “statement of faith”. Teaching will incorporate Christian values and Biblical teaching. The school will expect a high standard of behaviour based on a love of God and concern for others. The school will seek to provide an education at a fee that the target group can afford.

Grace International School offers a quality education to meet the individual child’s needs, provided by appropriately qualified, experienced and committed teachers. Quality education is facilitated through an activity-based curriculum in small classes. The opportunity exists for children to attend a pre-school. There is also provision, where appropriate, for English language support.

Currently, all of our teachers are expatriates from a variety of countries. We have had teachers from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Fiji, Finland, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Canada and the US. This diversity is a great asset to our school.


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