Bangladesh Adventures

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Charles the B-Day Boy!

Charles turned the big 1-2 on 4 October. We still don’t have a teenager and that is okay by me. However, he has started to use mouth wash and we don’t know why? He doesn’t like the taste of anything so why use Listerine, he almost chokes to death every morning in our bathroom! Charles is sensitive, as many of you know so I don’t want to ask him directly.

As per Stout boys guidelines he had a sleep over for his birthday. We had 6 boys at our house for the night plus our four monkeys. They all were in rare form- mostly bouncing off the walls. Nita is crazy about sleep-over but I get a big kick out of them. Once again, there was a wide spectrum of nationalities represented. Seung Hwan from South Korean, Abba from Holland, Omar from England/Bangladesh, Micah from Denmark/Bangladesh; and Jonah and Andrew from USA.

They Started with Nita’s homemade Pizza- there now at the age they can eat all she can make, not one crumb from 6 pizzas was left. Then it was on to Fu-Wang bowling alley. The bowling alley has went down hill over the years we’ve been here. It has 10 lanes but only three are in operation now and I had to keep score- the computer doesn’t work. But that is perfect for 10 boys at a bowling alley- they can run around and not bother anybody! And these boys were crazy.

We had two teams of four playing each other. Chad was at his own lane doing something- he marches to a different drummer, actually, he marches in a different galaxy. CJ was watching everything and giving pointers to who ever would listen on how to knock the pins down. Charles team won so that was good for the B-day boy. They ended up with some sort of races across the lanes. I was losing control… I lost control.

Back at the house, we had cake and ice cream; and opened presents. Then the boys played indoor soccer and other games plus a dvd movie.

In the morning, they were all up early for French Toast- four slices plus per boys. One boy from England said it was the best waffles he had ever tasted- he only had six slices with Nocilla (chocolate cream) and Maple Syrup- Say Yes!!!

Charles said, “the best part of the party was the soccer tournament, however nobody won but Chad and Micah were winning at midnight.”

PS: I received my van back from the police with no problems and I didn’t have to pay anything. However, when I went to the yard to get the van with the Inspector the Police officer guarding the compound ask in Bangla how much were we charging this foreigner. The Inspector in Bangla said the foreigner didn’t have to pay anything because he was our guest in our country. Neither of them knew I spoke Bangla. The payment would not be on the record if I had to pay it.

To the above is a picture of Chase playing the guitar during music class at his school. I was at Grace attending an open house for parents when I took the picture.