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Monday, October 30, 2006

Praises and Prayers

7,000 precious children registered
SBT Staff
300 precious children and 3 projects added BD-505,506, and 507
Safe travel for staff and families over Eid Holidays
Ratan friend’s wife healing
Sunny (IT Specialist) house move (closer to the office)
Sujala’s mother healing
BD-212 (project) resolution to a internal conflict
Annual Report completed
Kini (sponsored child) and her father safe return to BD from an Indian Hospital after two months

BD-precious children and projects
5 projects and children that were flooded in early October
Sponsor and Donors
Thailand Political Situation
BD’s Political Situation (only prayer can help this one)
Staff travel during this time of political unrest and fighting
Kini (sponsored girl) continued healing
Uttapal (sponsored boy) continued healing
Satalia Project having trouble with Muslim holy men
Paula’s eye (Sunny’s wife)
New Partners Workshop
Kevin’s travel to Kolkata for meetings
Milka’s health (SDM supervisor)
Project audits
Tuli’s mother’s health (translator)


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