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Monday, November 20, 2006

Please Pray for Utpal

Here is a reply from my the Compassion Bangladesh SDM Supervisor to a Sponsor about Utpal- a sponsored child in one of our projects. Please pray for him.

Will Utpal have to remain in hospital?

Yes! Utpal have to remain in hospital because he is feeding by pipe and even he can not move his body even can not talk. He is under doctors observation and getting medicine in the hospital.

How does this disease affect him?

He is suffering for HYDROCEPHALUS disease and for this reason the brain has damaged. He needs to always laying on bed, could not walk, can not move his arm, even can not talk. Every moment he is fighting with his life.

What is his life expectancy?

We do not like to loose any of our precious children but according to his physical movement we can say he is fighting a lot. Please pray for him, our Lord can do anything if you ask.

Any other information that would help us explain the situation to the sponsor would be greatly appreciated.

As we know that, Utpal is suffering from HYDROCEPHALUS; he was treated in a hospital in their district town and the respective doctor has refereed him to the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital (the biggest hospital in BD) in Dhaka. He is under treatment from March 2006 it is continuing up to today. Utpals parents are in mental pressure and in frustration.