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Monday, December 18, 2006

Please Pray for Sri Lanka

In November I spent four days in Sri Lanka with my County Management Team and Teams’ from South India and East India Compassion offices. It had an impact! The reference person challenged us in many areas of our life and ministry. Moreover, the leader of ESCAPE brought us up to date on what is happening in Sri Lanka with children. We all made a covenant to pray for Sri Lanka, especially:

1) Sexual abused children
2) Abused children (1 in 4 children in SL are abused in someway)
3) Incest is very high between fathers and children- they feel they have a right. One father made this horrible statement, "I planted the tree, I can have the fruit."
4) Children in the military on both sides of the conflict
5) 23 year civil war which is getting worst and tearing the country apart- Reconciliation is needed!
6) Alcoholism (one of the highest in the world)
7) Children using tobacco (50% of all school age children smoke)
8) Child Labor (one million)

Most of the above stems from the civil war. Please pray for peace in Sri Lanka.

I also, spent a day with a good friend from Graduation School, Chandran Williams. He leads a local Non-Government Organization in Sri Lanka dealing with development issues. I spent a day with him at his office talking about development issues from a Christian perspective. He wanted me to give my reflections on 18 years in Christian Development- I’m getting old! It was a great day of discussions.


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