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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bangladesh Political Crisis

A non-stop countrywide blockade enforced by the Awami League-led 14 party alliance began on 12 November 2006. The opposition parties have demanded the president/chief advisor for implementing the alliance’s 11-point task.

Terming the blockade programme “unlawful and unconstitutional”, the non-party caretaker government directed the law enforcers to go tough during the blockade programme.

All highways, rail and waterways have be blockaded around the cournty; all ports have be shut down.

The main demands are- reconstitute the Election Commission; revise the voter list and withdraw 300 politically appointed local election officers to create a level playing field before the upcoming election; appointment of a new chief adviser and for the Election Commissioner to step down.

The countrywide blockade went from Sunday until Thursday. Then started again, 20 November and will run until demands are met.

The blockade has stop life in mid-track for the citizens and foreigners in Bangladesh.

We (my family, neighbors, friends, office staff) are not sure when the blockade is going to end. It makes it very hard for staff travel. Thanks to the Lord it does not affect our local projects of Compassion Bangladesh. The precious children can walk to the project so there is no problem.

However, the 4-C don't have bus service to and from school. Whenever there are political problems, the school cancels buses but the school is open. This means Nita and I have to take the boys back and forth by rickshaw or motorcycle. This morning I had all four boys on the motorcycle- CJ up front on top of the gas tank, I right up against the gas tank but on the seat- followed by Chad, Chase, and Charles anchor the rear. Actually, this wouldn’t be that hard except we all have backpacks. CJ is like a dog up front with the wind in his hair and his tongue hanging out!


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