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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Please Pray for Missing Boy

I have talked with the same beggar lady for three years. I have given her money; Nita has given her boys’ clothes and her a sari. Almost once or twice a week she is at the traffic light begging. We have talked about many things over the years. She is simple is the best way to describe her. I think she has been married three times- that is not her fault but poor Muslim men that can divorce very easily and look for a richer bride even if it means another beggar lady that is making a little more money.

The lady’s name is Parvin and she has two boys, Ruben, 7 years old and Redio, 2 years old. 7 days ago, Ruben did not come home from a government school. He is missing. Please pray that he is safe and will come back to his mother. Parvin has been looking everywhere plus sending a rickshaw around with a microphone asking for help.

The first time a saw Parvin after her son was missing- I could tell something was wrong. She had a look in her eyes that there was no hope left and nobody to turn to. What a sickening feeling when there is no hope and nobody to turn to. That look in her eyes- I will never forget. Please pray for her. Thank you.


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