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Monday, May 14, 2007

Charlie leads worship song during Church

Charles was asked to lead a worship song during church in April. They actually asked him to play the drums but when I told them, he could play the keyboard and sing- they agreed. Charles was the worship leader for one song during the offering. He picked, “My Redeemer Lives”. His friend played the drums, same age (12), another teenager played the guitar, and he had four back up singers.

During the week before the service, I asked Chad, “Has Charles been practicing the song?” Chad replied, “No-duh, only about 1,000 million times!” Charles was ready. He played a very contemporary rock electric keyboard version. The drummer, Nathan and had it down and even improvised a little. It was nice to hear his voice- he did a good job with the singing.

Nita and I were nervous but Charles almost looked happy up on stage. The boy never smiles but I could see a little turn-up in the corner of his lips. He said later that he had enjoyed it and would do it again. The congregation gave him and the band a standing ovation. It surprised the Pastor that two twelve year olds could be so good. The Pastor, Asa Kain, called them over after the song, talked about future worship leaders, prayed and blessed them. It was very nice.


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