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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update Treatment information of Utpal

Please continue to pray for Utpal. He is a precious child who's future on earth is in doubt.

As per our instruction the Project Manager talked with Utpal’s Parents for follow-up treatment. First time they did not agree but at last they agree to come for Utpal’s follow-up Treatment at Apollo Hospital. There is a doctor who is working in Apollo Hospital Bangladesh also Apollo Hospital Indian. With Utpal’s previous treatment document Project Manager talk with the Doctor and as per his advice Project Manager went back to Gonali to bring Utpal at Dhaka. So the coming Wednesday 9-May-07 Project Manager, Utpal and his Mother will come to Dhaka for admission at Apollo Hospital,

Please find Utpal’s sponsor quarry answer bellow:

How can Sponsor help Utpal family/Family Permanent income opportunity.

Utpal Family Description:

Father Name: Mr. Sukamer Sarker

Mother Name: Mrs. Amina Sarker

Children: Two Sons

Family Income: 40/50 Tk per day (But 10 days working with in one month) -thats less than one dollar a day.

Land owner: No land, now living another land by grace

House situation: Made by dirt

Family Permanent in come opportunity: Utpal Father is very simple faith man and uneducated, he don’t know 2 and 2 make 4, So, according to our discussion with Project manager finely we decide that if give One Rickshaw Van and Two Cows by those they can bear their family very well.


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