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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thank you for the Prayers please continue

CJ is over his cold. Charles and Chase were diagnosed with Dengue. The doctor was concern about a low platelet count in both of them but after a week, they are all fine. We are not sure what Chad had but it was like Dengue but the blood work did not show anything. Charles, Chase, and Chad missed a whole week of school. However, they are now got-up with all their homework.

I’m still struggling with Hepatitis-A. I tried to lay low in Colorado and Hong Kong but I still had to work during the days but went to bed at 5:30 every evening and stayed there until 6 in the morning. I’ve been trying to stay low here in Bangladesh the last 5 days. I’ve been working from my home and rest frequently. It was a bummer to be in USA without being able to eat fast greasy food. I’m staying strict with my diet, no fats or caffeine or meats. I’m still a little yellow but not as bad as I was.

I’ve attached three pictures for you entertainment. The first one is of CJ- he is still are baby. Charles, our first one is joining the ranks of teenagers on 4 Oct, tomorrow. I’m not sure Nita and I are ready for that but he is a good kid so we should be okay. Of course, when Chase, Chad, and CJ become teenagers everybody better watch out (Lord willing). The second picture is of Lennon and McCartney at the guitars, actually its Charles and Chase playing a song together- ‘All star’ by Smash Mouth.

The final picture is of an apartment building being constructed. However, the picture is of the workers sleeping under mosquito nets. I took the picture at 5:30 a.m. they are still sleeping. They live at the construction site until the job is finished. They are paid about $2/day, which is a good day laborer wage. However, it’s not enough money to visit their family, whether they live in Dhaka or outside. In addition, if they leave the site somebody else will get the job so they have to stay to the end. The building is only 10 ft from our windows, just behind our building. Not only does the workers sleep there but they relieve themselves in a corner, no jiffy johns in BD.


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