Bangladesh Adventures

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cyclone in Bangladesh

Small update: The major part of the storm missed Dhaka, however the electricity was off for three days and still goes off for many hours a day. Nita is thankful that her family and their house in Noakhali, near the coast was not hit by the storm. But she could use some more electricity.

I'm missing it all. I was in China for 5 days on a spiritual retreat and now I'm in Bangkok, Thailand at a Children's Conference until Friday. The name of the conference is "Invisible Children." There are about 350 people from different churches and organizations from different countries throughout Asia. All of us serve children is someway.

The death toll from the cyclone is more than 4,000 to date. However, no child or parents from our projects loss their life- Praise the Lord! About 20 projects where hit by the high winds and floods. Many children lost their houses. Compassion is in the process of responding to the situation with emergency aid and planning to rebuild homes.