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Friday, November 09, 2007

Today was a Wedding Day in Bangladesh

9 Nov 07

Dipty and James Penner were married today in Old Dhaka, Church of Bangladesh. Dipty is from Bangladesh (actually from the Santel tribal group) and James is from England. We have known Dipty for the last four years and she has spent a lot of time at our house in Bangladesh. She is good friend of Prova, Nita’s younger sister who lives with us. Prova and Dipty went to college together back in the mid nineties. James works in Development for the Church of Bangladesh in Merherpur (western BD). Church of Bangladesh is from the line of Anglican churches. So it was a very traditional wedding in an old cathedral.

Charles played the keyboard and sang during the prelude, ‘Testify to Love’ by Avalon. Prova was the maid-of-honor and Chad was the ring bearer. I’m not sure why but in Bangladesh people love are boys and think Chad is so neat with his long hair. He does look like a rock star with his Panjabi on, in the order of Jim Morrison of the rock group- Doors.

I have included pictures of our family with the newly weds; Stout family in the church; and David & Shannon Snowdon beside Rob Enns. David is the principal of Grace, Shannon is Chad’s teacher and Rob is an old friend from our MCC days. Everybody at this wedding dressed in traditional Bangladesh clothes- sarees for the women and panjabis for the men. Even little girls wore cute sarees. In USA, people make fun of Nita and I when we wear Bengali clothing.

PS: The boys love wedding food over here: plau rice with chicken korma curry!


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