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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


By DUANE & LORI DANIELSEN (friends of Kevin and Nita)

How many times have we heard that phrase? Location, Location, Location.

Unfortunately, location played a big part in the tragic events of last week. Bangladesh lies just a few feet above sea level right on the Indian Ocean. Hundreds of rivers to overflow and no higher ground.

Also its remote location makes it difficult to speed aid to the people in need. Lack of equipment, infrastructure and communication make it difficult to even put a handle on the size of the task ahead. In 11 districts 90% of the crops have been lost and an estimated 200,000 livestock have been killed. They are even using elephants as part of the clean up effort.

Location will also play a part as international awareness and interest in the coming days and weeks will diminish. This was not a hurricane that hit a state in the US. This was not a tragedy that effected foreign tourists at the beach that was caught on tape. This was not a sensational tabloid story of the rich and famous having a member of their family die. No, these were just nameless people from a far off place that happens to be in the wrong location. Because of location the cyclone will mostly likely be only a 30 second piece on tonight's evening news if its mentioned at all.

Honestly, it has been hard for me to process it all from even just 80 miles away. The reality of the need can be overwhelming. The idea that location, location, location has affected the people of Bangladesh on a such a large scale has kept me up tonight with tears in my eyes.

Please be praying in the days ahead that God will open opportunities to share His love.


  • Just to encourage you all.... and I know that it may not be enough... but we first saw the flooding in Bangladesh in late July and we started to try to make contacts to bring water systems in. We did not make it then, but we were able to make contact with a wonderful pastor may even know him.. but I do not want to mention his name on an open forum... we made plans together to respond to the next disaster. We did not know it would come so soon... but now there are 4 water treatment systems installed and running in the cyclone area... safe water for 12,000 people.... much more is planned for 2008... bless you as you work for the Kingdon.... Jerry Miner

    By Blogger Jerry, at 9:20 AM  

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