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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Project Destruction Report of Cyclone Sidr

Greetings from Bangladesh. Thank you for your continuous prayer for Bangladesh. After the cyclone everyday we are getting confirm news from our PF, Project manager and media. As per today’s report 3,153 people died and 40, 00,000 people lost their houses fully or partially. Last night we came to know that one of our child’s (SATHI BISWAS, BD 316-0046) father is missing after the Cyclone. Professionally he was a fisherman and he went out for fishing before the Cyclone. Now peoples are suspecting that Cyclone took his life in sea. Sathi lives with her mother and a younger brother of three and half years old. I am enclosing some picture what I received from one of our project. I will update with new information in afternoon.

Thank you again for your continuous prayer support.

Date of Cyclone SIDR strike: 16th November, 2007 at 9 pm night it started and lasted at 2 am of 17th November, 2007.

Description of Cyclone attack: Cyclone SIDR stroke the southern part of Bangladesh at night with heavy wind like 220 km per hour It also blew all over Bangladesh which occurred a lot destruction among the countrywide peoples, their houses, animals, crops, latrine, electricity lines, kitchen, trees & firms. Mostly 23 districts devastated by this cyclone among 103 Upazilas and 710 unions (Information have been taken from the daily Newspaper “The Daily Star” on the date of 18th November, 2007). After the cyclone 2000 people are found dead and several thousands still missing. Our projects also stroke by this cyclone mostly in southern part projects. Praise God that project did not loss any children but their houses, crops, kitchen, latrine, animals; trees were destroyed by this cyclone. Destructive projects are given billow

Sl. No

Project Name

Project ID

Situation after Cyclone



BD- 301

22 children families lost their houses and all children family lost their trees.




Cyclone stroke slightly in this area and destroyed fully a children house and destroyed some trees.



BD- 303

Cyclone destroyed 12 children kitchen and destroyed trees, maximum children but not lost any lives.



BD- 305

21 children lost their houses due to this cyclone.



BD- 306

Cyclone stroke slightly and destroyed trees.



BD- 309

Cyclone destroyed some children houses slightly, kitchen, trees, crops



BD- 310

Cyclone affected mostly in this area. Children lost their houses, crops, kitchen, trees, latrine, shop, firm and electricity lines,




Cyclone destroyed crops about 80 children families, and destroyed trees maximum children




Cyclone destroyed 10 children houses fully and destroyed 70 children houses a little bit less, 79 children kitchen, 80 children latrine, 16 children trees and electricity line and firm.




Slightly effected by the Cyclone.




Cyclone stroke heavily and destroyed some children houses, kitchen and crops & trees of maximum children.



BD- 320

Cyclone destroyed heavily in this area. One person (Christian) died in this village and 300/400 people wounded seriously. Praise the lord that no one died or wounded in our project. It destroyed 45 houses fully and 54 children kitchen, 81 children toilet, 26 children cattle house, 100 children crops and electricity lines. It also destroyed kitchen house of this project falling a tree on this.



BD -321

Cyclone stroke this area strongly and destroyed 45 children houses totally, 52 children houses a portion of house, 3 children cattle, 20 children crops, trees and a betel leaf garden. Cyclone destroyed project kitchen, latrine and some part of project house.



BD- 322

Cyclone stroke slightly and destroyed 4 children houses,

Conclusion : This Cyclone destroyed many things of those project which are not refundable but we think if we can help them it will be better for their loss.

Reported by : Diamond Bishop, Partnership Facilitator


  • A few years back my friends and I helped to raise funds for a Bangladesh mission which provided medical services to the area with volunteer doctors and nurses, I was so sad to hear about the recent cyclone disaster. I've been keeping the whole situation in my prayers.

    By Anonymous Asif Zamir - Toronto, at 10:41 AM  

  • thanks for the very detailed update.

    By Blogger Amy, at 11:12 AM  

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