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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

James C. Dobson, Ph.D Taxes vs Donations

In Dr. Dobson latest Family News letter he complains bout the US Government and taxes. I like everybody else would like less government and less taxes. BUT, I have lived overseas for 10 years and have visited or worked in more than 30 countries and let me tell you I will take the US Government and taxes any day, yes- any day.

Maybe Dr. Dobson doesn’t know what it is like overseas but the USA has a lot going for it- from roads and traffic that work, to electricity, to food being available, the list just goes on. Americans and Dr. Dobson should feel blessed not abused. Live one day in Bangladesh and you would know what I’m talking about.

On the point of taxes, let us remember we pay the lowest taxes among the industrialized nations. Even, Dr. Dobson who doesn’t like to pay taxes to the government ends his newsletter by asking people to give more donations to his organization. Sounds a lot like the government- Please give us more money. Whether you are government wanting more taxes or a charitable organization wanting more donations- in the end it is the same thing- give us the money!!!

PS: Dr. Dobson, 100% supports the war in Iraq. That war is one of the reason the deficient is so high- because of the billions of dollars we are spending on the war in Iraq. You need to have taxes to pay for the war that Dr. Dobson wanted and supports. You can’t have it both ways- if you want an expensive war you are going to have to pay taxes to support it.


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