Bangladesh Adventures

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tragic Story from Cyclone

Shathi (6 years) and Shubho (4 years) lost their mother immediately after the cyclone Aila. Their house was broken down and she committed suicide out of her frustrations.

It should be noted here that she lost her husband last year during another cyclone SIDR. She faced many challenges last one year and finally gave-up. Shathi and Shubho are now orphans and vulnerable. They lost their father and mother in two consecutive cyclones. Please join us in prayer for these children. Thanks.

Cyclone hits Bangladesh Coast; Child Dies with Sister

Nody (5 years) and Beauti (3 years) are two sisters and have been living in a mud house with their parents. Nody was registered in a Compassion projects last year. There was a heavy rain in these areas due to cyclone AILA. The mud house was completely collapsed at around 5 am today. Nody and Beauty was sleeping inside the house. The rescue team found both of them dead. This family does not have any other children. Their father has been admitted in hospital due to Hepatitis.

Please pray for the family.

Five of our projects seriously affected due to cyclone Aila. We are providing dry food, Water purifying tablets, and ORS. One project has affected severely. The kitchen and toilet are completely smashed in BD 327. Many children lost their house. Three separate teams have been formed to visit the affected areas. This team will do an initial assessment and will give us a report.