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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Haita updated June 10

Here is a summary of the latest of our disaster response.

• May is the wettest month of the year in Haiti with an average monthly rainfall of 9 inches. Over 4 inches of rain had already fallen in Port-au-Prince by the middle of May.
• On May 9, an area called Bozan in Leogane was flooded when the Rouyon river overflowed. The families of 9 Compassion-assisted children from HA-152 were affected, losing uniforms, school materials, utensils, beds and income-generating materials.
• Thankfully, no children were injured or killed in the flooding and Compassion has given the affected families food, water and temporary shelter.
• Mobile clinics of 5 local medical teams visited all affected projects where they have treated more than 11,000 patients.
• Medical supplies sent after the earthquake were used to treat Compassion-assisted children, their families and people in the communities. Additional supplies have been distributed to 69 affected projects and 13 hospitals.
• All significantly affected projects received food supplies to serve children hot meals during the project activities.
• To date, 2,702 tarps have been distributed at 23 projects, with plans to distribute a total 6,000 tarps to the most severely affected families.
• Compassion-assisted children’s attendance at school is estimated at about 80 percent. More than 500 children moved to the countryside where there is a Compassion project and are attending school as well as project activities.
• Most of the schools allow children to go home at noon because of the extreme heat.

Please continue to keep the country of Haiti in your prayers. Prayer requests from Haiti:
1. Pray for our protection while working under a concrete slab roof.
2. Pray for self-control and peace of mind for our staff here and our children at school during aftershocks (our hope is that there are no more aftershocks.)
3. Pray that we can reach our full capacity (more productive) in a time where the impoverished children need us the most.
4. Pray for our effective role to play, as Compassion, in the rebuilding of the nation.
5. Pray for the protection of people in tent cities in a hot sun (afternoon) and heavy rains (at night), a big challenge for school pupils, babies, pregnant women, injured people...