Bangladesh Adventures

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A ten-year-old registered boy child, Sumon Saha has been diagnosed with an advance stage of blood cancer.

He is from the Sathnong Khasia Punji Children Development Sponsorship Project in the northeast of Bangladesh in the rolling tea estates area. He is from a poor Hindu family that works at one of the tea estates.

On 7 May 07 during a regular health check-up at the project the doctor said he was sick and needs to go to the local health clinic in Maulavibazar. At Maulvebazar Health Clinic they sent him to a hospital in Sylhet. The hospital in Sylhet said they did not have the resources to help him and sent him to Dhaka. In Dhaka, his parents, Project Manager and Sumon went to the government PE Hospital that is known to be good. They diagnosed the cancer but said they could not do anything for him since it was in the advance stage. From PE Hospital our Partnership Facilitator (PF) took everybody to Apollo Hospital (the best in Bangladesh). By now, the boy cannot walk and needs to be on oxygen, so we hired an ambulance to take him to Apollo. Not the easiest thing to do in Bangladesh. Apollo didn’t want to see the boy because he and his parents looked to poor. However, the PF convinced them that Compassion would look after all expenses. As of today, 15 May the boy is undergoing test at Apollo.

Please Pray for Sumon Saha for God’s comfort, peace, and healing hand to be upon him.

Thank you for praying.