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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stouts' Update

Nita and the boys flew home on British Airways last Thursday, 14 June. School was finished for the boys on the 12th. They arrived safely at my Mom’s house. If you would like to talk with them, the number is 717-766-8066. I will join them on 2 July then we will all come back to Bangladesh at the beginning of August.

I can’t wait to be home to see family and friends, and have hamburgers on the grill in Mom’s back yard!

Right now, I’m at the Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary in Penang, Malaysia taking courses in Holistic Child Development. These are my courses I take every June for the last three years working towards my Master’s Degree in Holistic Child Development. This year I’m here for two weeks. The First week I’m taking “Childhood in Cultural Contexts” and then next week I take “Child Participation, Protection, and the Children’s Right Convention” both are really good classes!

I will return to BD on 29 June and then work as hard and as fast as I can to finish my year-end work for Compassion (our year-ends 30 June) before I leave on 2 July. Never a dull moment in the Stouts lives.


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