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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Devil Smiles, the world knows nothing and I cry

I received this sad news just now. It is from one of Compassion Project in Bangladesh. A partnership facilitator sent it to me.

There is a sad news from Gilatola program that one of our child BD 310 0058 Antora Pal’s father has committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope because of his big debt in the dead night of 20, May, 2008. The family is consists of 3 members. Antora, her mother Tripti Rani Pal and the father Sushanto Pal. Sushanto took loans for his family but could not repay it for his small income. Creditors used to come to him for money continually but as he was not able to repay it, he hid himself for the time being. In this situation he fled away from his village in other place for work. He used to work there but in mind he could not cope with this situation. At last he committed suicide last night. Now the family is in critical situation. Child mother can not afford herself in this situation and breaking down herself thinking however she continues her life.

Please pray for this family as they can cope with this situation.

Thank you


The precious little girl is Antora, the mother is Tripti Rani, and the project is Gilatola.

The devil is happy as a human takes his own life because of despair and now the family, mother and precious daughter are losing hope. The world knows nothing about it. Food prices are so high in Bangladesh that people are starting to borrow money just to eat once a day. The average family of four in the USA spends $350 a week on food which includes: eating out, soda, junk food, processed food, plus their children are over weight. In Bangladesh, the average family of four spend $6 to have rice, lentil, some vegetables and if they are very lucky one or two fruits. But you say they can grow fruits, yes they can but they need to sell them to make money to eat enough rice.


- Where have you gone?

- Have you ever been here?

But the Bible is also an invitation to repentance and change. The one who is disclosed as boundless love also is revealed as truth, holiness, and justice. Therefore God calls those to whom he freely offers his grace to repent, forsake their self-centered ways, and begin to love their neighbors as themselves. Love for God is inseparable from love for neighbor. By Ronald J. Sider

That is why they are fat:

Jeremiah 5:26 For scoundrels are found among my people;
they take over the goods of others.
Like fowlers they set a trap; they catch human beings.

Jer 5:27 Like a cage full of birds, their houses are full of treachery;
therefore they have become great and rich,

Jer 5:28 they have grown fat and sleek.They know no limits in deeds of wickedness;
they do not judge with justice the cause of the orphan, to make it prosper,
and they do not defend the rights of the needy.

Do you consider your self poor? What about the people in Bangladesh or other third world countries are they poor?

Do you want the cheapest price no matter what injustice it is doing in the country where the goods are being made to the workers?

Do you want the cheapest price for food no matter what it does to farmers in poor countries?

How do you love your neighbor?

How do I love my neighbor?

What are we doing to show God’s love in this world?


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