Bangladesh Adventures

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our first broken Bones- CJ’s arm

On Thursday, 8 May CJ broke his arm during school attempting to clear the high jump, all of 6 inches. Somehow he fell just perfect to break both bones in his forearm. One was a crack and the other a serious breakage with a big gap and the bone pressing out on the skin.

The teacher called and I was off to the preschool to take CJ to Apollo Hospital. They needed to put CJ under general anesthesia to set the bone- pulling the arm then shoving it back together. He came out of surgery with smiles. We had to stay in the hospital all night because of the use of the anesthesia. CJ’s teacher came and visited us plus Aunt Prova, Cousin Ringu, Danielsons, and Larsons with Gracia. I stayed at the hospital while Nita was with the other three. We were ready to go home by 9 a.m. but had to wait until 2 p.m. for the doctor to visit and discharge CJ. CJ is still on pain and inflammation medicine.

It is amazing that none of the Stout boys have had a broken bone before this with all the rough housing we do plus the heights I throw the boys in the air. All it took was a simple fall at the right angle and pressure point, I guess.

Please pray for CJ’s bones that they will heal correctly. Thank you.

Today, Saturday he is feeling fine- he even set the supper table. He has a cast on (see picture) from his bicep down to his hand. It was his right arm.