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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pray for Compassion and the World's Financial Crisis

From Compassion's Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

If you’ve been reading your local newspaper or listening to the latest news reports, it comes to no surprise that the world’s economic situation looks grim. Bankruptcies, emergency government interventions and sharp cuts in interest rates dominate the world’s headlines.

While most indicators show that this is a difficult time – we must not lose hope, faith and confidence in God who has brought our ministry so far, proving over and over again that His grace is sufficient.

That’s why I’m requesting you to ask your churches, partner churches and all Compassion-assisted children to pray for a season of growth in spite of the obstacles that appear to threaten us. Ask and have them ask God what direction and action He wants our ministry to take in the midst of this circumstance. Ask the children and Leadership Development Program students to pray for their sponsors/donors, Compassion leadership and staff – that all may experience God’s peace, provision, security and wisdom during this period of uncertainty.

This is a time to demonstrate courageous leadership. In fact, I have no doubt that God has been actually preparing us for a time such as this. Last week, Compassion International’s Executive Vice President, David Dahlin encouraged all U.S. Compassion staff to be light in a world that seems dark right now. David reminded staff to stay focused on Compassion’s mission and purpose, saying, “God has called us to be an advocate for children in poverty and they need our voice to ring strong and clear when speaking out on their behalf. We know that when the rich of the world catch a cold, the poor get pneumonia. When the well-off suffer, the poor die.”

The last line is so true, "when the rich of the world catch a cold, the poor get pheumonia. When the well-off suffer, the poor die." I have been working with the poor for the last 21 years and this sentence sums it up best. I just wish the well off in the West could understand this.

Thanks for praying!


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